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14 hours ago

Some Technical difficulties but COPPERHEART GL51 Part 2 is coming up now!!

15 hours ago

Why does he thinks this is the best place to sleep in the studio??? #CatsInStudio #GetOffMyDesk #Cats #StudioCat

15 hours ago
What Lady Gaga Finds Appealing in Reel-to-Reel

Lady GaGa gets it. #Analog #Reel2Reel #Tape

The reasons that musicians record on outdated, archaic, and less flexible equipment are surprising.

15 hours ago
Nashville Studio owner fights for right to run home business

I see the Towns point but he was operating for 8 years with no issues that should say enough to allay their fears of changing the ... See more

Both sides now await a summary decision by a county judge. But Lij says he’s prepared to take this fight to the State Supreme Court if need be.

2 days ago

The Independent House is LIVE at 6pm!!!

5 days ago
Photos from AP Radio & Recording's post

The Astronaut killing it at JJ Kelley's tonight!!

5 days ago

Moonbreath melting our minds with that sweet doom metal

5 days ago

Re-Air of The Independent House at 6pm following the Stoner Saturday rotation here on AP Radio

6 days ago
The Voice Coaches Unite For an Intimate Rendition of "More Than Words"

The show sucks, it's not real its never spawned a star artist but the talent of the Judges cannot be questioned. Legends, all of them!!

While we love the competitive banter John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani exchange during episodes of The Voice, we have to admit we

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