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6 days ago

One song will start the show and one song will end the show so tune in for new music by WRECKED!!!

Very proud To announce,
with 2 brand new tunes from the new line up Of Wrecked...... we will be on the internet radio tonight between 6 & 8pm
heres the link & thank you So much for the ... See more

6 days ago

We are LIVE, computer/network issues resolved. Sorry no U&U but we have Rock Assorted til 4pm

6 days ago

Rocking 70's era til 11:30
Something Untitled til 1:30
U&U Gaming Til 3
Stoner/Doom 4 to 6

6 days ago

Truth, Justice and The Ian Hand Way coming at ya Now Followed by Space Dust at 7:15

6 days ago
AP Radio & Recording

Check out local music on now!

Tune in til 6pm for Local and Independent Artist rotation playing now!!

6 days ago

Tune in til 6pm for Local and Independent Artist rotation playing now!!

1 week ago

Wrapping up the Local Independent Segment coming up Thinking Outside The Box Office 6:30pm

1 week ago

The Independent House is on Summer Recess
Tonight re-air Stolen Goods Interview 6-8 tune in

1 week ago
Best Recording Software for Your Home Studio - Produce Like A Pro

We have Studio One 4 Artist, it came with our AR22 but we've moved to Reaper which I like better. A DAW will never be our engine driving our studio for me that will always be our analog mixing desk ... See more

While there's no such thing as the best recording software, there are plenty of choices to explore before finding what works best for you!

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