I started this venture because it became apparent to me I had little to do and a lot of free time now that I am an empty nester. Let me tell you the adjustment from all the activity in a house to none is quite jarring. Sitting with my 2 dogs staring into space was not the life I projected me doing.
A lifetime ago I was a live sound and lighting engineer as well as a recording engineer. I moved to L.A. in 1986 and got a job at Paramount Recording and had a semi-decent career. It just wasn’t for me the “Business” of Music so I eventually found my way into I.T. and 20 plus years later I am content.
An opportunity arose to rehab a local live venues’ light show and man did the memories come flooding back. I LOVE live music and lights it is an art form in my opinion. I brought Austin with me on the project, knowing he would totally geek out on the lighting program that I worked on 20 years ago and that still works spectacularly today. We spent 7 weeks on that project and it has spilled over into a new desire to get back to music. I was talking all last year with an old friend about getting an internet radio station going coincidentally but it never went anywhere and I had bought a little console for it. So after having the console for 7 months I opened it bought a microphone and some headphones and the radio part of AP Radio was born.
The radio station was built and running maybe a week in a spare room of my house but I kept thinking about The Annex, a small 16 track studio that I worked at in Hollywood. I was remembering everything that was there and on a whim I started Googling the hardware that I could remember and low and behold I was able to find some!! Call it a mid-life crisis or following a dream but I just ran with it, we tore out a closet in the largest bedroom in my house moved the radio station and built the control room we run out of now and the recording studio came along pretty fast after that.
Where it goes from here I have no idea but we are having a lot of fun with all of it! We are offering original radio content you do not hear in our area all broadcast from a fully analog vintage recording studio.

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